Trekking in Bir Billing is different and more captivating as the paragliders filling the sky above make it an altogether different experience for the trekkers. Trekking in Billing, Raj-gundha, and Barot offer a panoramic view of the valley and huge mountains covered with deep forests. Bara Bhangal, an isolated village nestled between Kalihani (4800m) and Thamsar (4766m) passes is shielded by the impregnable mountains and the furious Ravi River.

The diversity of terrain in the treks and the hospitality of locals add to the beauty of the track. Every year tourists pour in from different parts of India and the world to traverse these mountain peaks of the Dhauladhar range of Himalaya. Each of the tracks like Raj gundha trek, Barot trek, Bara Bhangal trekking present a different range of surroundings, landscapes and flora and fauna to experience for the tourists.

The expert guided treks from Connect provide the guests with a full range of equipment helpful for trekking and provide all emergency services as and when required.

Bir Billing Trekking Package Details:

Billing Trek:  1500/person/night (Inclusive of stay, dinner, and breakfast). Trekking charges vary depending upon the size of the group and the itinerary.

Village Trek: A short 1 Hour 30 mins trek around the village covering Dharmalaya – INR 200/Person

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